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Nonprofit engineers save students in Nepal

Dust falls from the cracks in the walls and ceiling as the floor shudders, sending gasps and small screams echoing off the temporary tin roofs. The teacher tries to calm the class memories of destruction in the not-so-distant past haunt the children....
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Haitian Businesses Pull Together

​In partnership with the Ministry of Education and with funding from the Haitian private sector and the Japanese government, Miyamoto Relief engineered and executed the repair and seismic strengthening of the school building, nearly all of it carried out by Cite Soleil...
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New Growth for the School

Update from Louino Robillard: July, 2014 – Work continued throughout the month of June, with more holes being dug and the poles being installed. Throughout the beginning of the month, as school was ending, the community was very happy with the progress...
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New Opportunities for Learning

The Ministry of Education was a key partner for this strengthening project. Too often, many projects related to Haiti’s schools bypass the Ministry, undermining coordination and accountability. From the very beginning, the Ministry of Education was Miyamoto’s partner, taking responsibility and participating in key decisions. This again was...
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Haiti Children’s Academy Becomes a Reality

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief worked with Haiti Partners to construct the Children’s Academy in Baocia, Haiti. This project is part of a multi-phase plan to build an earthquake- and hurricane-resistant school and learning center that will accommodate up to 400 children. The school will...
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