Haiti Children's Academy Becomes a Reality

A model for the type of educational facilities

Haiti Children’s Academy Becomes a Reality

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief worked with Haiti Partners to construct the Children’s Academy in Baocia, Haiti. This project is part of a multi-phase plan to build an earthquake- and hurricane-resistant school and learning center that will accommodate up to 400 children. The school will eventually consist of eight classroom buildings with two classrooms each, as well as administrative offices, a library, and computer lab. There will also be a kitchen and dining area, auditorium plus amphitheater, composting latrines, guest houses for 36 guests, play and sports areas, and an organic garden. The academy is designed to serve as a model for the type of educational facilities Haiti Partners is working to build across the country. Students will learn seven skills and values: Spiritual and Moral Growth; Civic Responsibility and Empowerment; Environmental Stewardship; Entrepreneurship; Artistic Creativity and Individual Expression; Fluency in Haitian-Creole, French, and English; and Technological fluency especially with computers.

Haiti Partners’ goal is for the Children’s Academy to become an example of:

  • Progressive education
  • Parent involvement
  • Participatory community governance
  • Self-reliance through a social business connected to the school
  • A hub for community development and lifelong learning


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