Nepal Earthquake Disaster Response

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Miyamoto Relief is a nonprofit that works globally to save lives through engineering, especially in places affected by disaster. One of the reasons we exist is to send teams of engineers to help affected populations after an earthquake. This is particularly important in developing countries, where the lack of engineering knowledge is critical for the life safety of community.

We flew to Nepal at once because thousands are homeless, too afraid of returning home, many of them children. Others remain in dangerous buildings. We’re providing much needed technical advice to help people stay out of harm’s way. Your help now will help us to save lives.

In the immediate aftermath of an international disaster such as the earthquake in Nepal, many large organizations step up and provide immediate relief by supplying water and food, temporary shelter and medical support. While this support is critical, we arrive to provide engineering and construction expert advice quickly, such as assessing whether homes and buildings are safe to re-enter and helping locals develop a plan for rebuilding to seismic standards that will withstand the next large earthquake.

In Haiti, we led a rebuilding effort that ultimately returned 12,000+ families to their homes. It is our hope and mission that our presence in Nepal will ultimately help families return to safe homes and rebuild their lives. During this time of great need, our disaster response team is on the ground in Nepal, but we need your support. Please give what you can to help us help Nepal.